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Slingshot in top 100 TechMedia Innovators List

There’s rather nice coverage in yesterday’s Guardian; and we are in very good company – including companies I love like Spotify, my friend Brent Hoberman’s MyDeco, MoonPig and Mind Candy.  I blogged a while ago that Richard Wray, the Guardian’s communications editor had interviewed me about innovation. Turns out this is why. Here’s the soundbite:

“In the film industry, Arvind Ethan David, chief executive of Slingshot Studios, can see the same changes coming: “There exists a large and widening disjunction between how audiences want to consume films  - when, where and how they want – and how the film industry insists on providing them, according to rigid windowing patterns, fixed price points and non-coordinated marketing between the platforms. Companies that actually work with consumers can reap benefits.”

The full piece is here; and here’s a funny image that the photo editor has chosen to represent what early adopters look like!

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  1. Ann David Says:

    Great for Slingshot, great for you.

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