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The Story So Far

Founded in  2006 by Arvind Ethan David and Arts Alliance Ventures,  Slingshot lead produced and financed five feature films, and was involved in the financing and distribution of many others.  Our most notable success was the David Baddiel / Omid Djalili comedy The Infidel that was a break-out hit around the world, and has gone on to spawn a stage musical and a Bollywood remake.

Slingshot raised private equity, strategic multi-picture investment from public bodies (BBC Films, Screen West Midlands, UK Film Council) and structured an output relationship with Pathe through which to distribute its movies.

Described as one of the most interesting players in the UK production and distribution scene” (Variety, 2007), Slingshot was one of a new vanguard of British film companies working to reinvigorate the industry and launch a new generation of talent.  Slingshot now functions as the producing vehicle for Arvind Ethan David and Cavan Ash, including projects set up at BBC Films, Lionsgate UK and the BFI, but is no longer actively seeking new material.